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Reporting Improvements

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A number of improvements were made to the reports on Friday 10 November. These changes were based on feedback from centres and hopefully make the reports clearer and more useful.

The following is a brief summary of the changes. For more details, including new formulas, see the report user guides.







All Reports

Naming standards have been applied to all reports to ensure greater consistency and easier Report searching in the long term. The Report Codes and names have been applied to most of the current Batch 1 reports, and will be consistent with Batch 2 reports when they are delivered.  To avoid confusion, the former names of Batch 1 reports can also be found in the report descriptions from your Centres reports 



All containing 'Legal Tasks'

All reports were checked to ensure the definition on Legal Tasks was using the 'Open Date'.

Some of the references to Legal Task was incorrectly using the Close Date. As Legal Tasks do not have a close date, this was producing varied and inconsistent data between reports.



S11 formulas have also been optimised, including Total Clients, Total Legal Advices and Total Legal Tasks. The Total Clients count in report S11 (formerly CA11) was for New, Existing and Repeat Clients, but clients can be both Repeat and Existing, so this was double counting. Legal Advices and Legal Tasks were a little undercounted where the mode of service wasn’t defined.  



PT1 - Top 20 Problem Types

PT1 Report can now be changed to display the actual detailed Problem Type, rather than the High Level Problem Type (Mapped To).

This provides greater detail on the problem types being selected most often, and was highly requested by users.



Repeat Column headers on reports over multiple pages. 

This was a minor change but should make the report much more user friendly and readable as it often runs over multiple pages. S5 is the start, and we are working with the developer to make sure all reports do this. 




Under Investigation

Many users, including us, were noticing greater discrepancies between this report, and S5 Services by Funding Category

The developers have made some changes, that should maximise consistency, however if you are noticing vast discrepancies between these reports, please forward them to the Helpdesk (after double checking that the dates and funding categories selected match of course!)



There is a bug preventing the grand total from calculating when one or some funding category filters were selected. Hopefully this will be resolved as soon as possible. 



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