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Performance, Search and User Accounts

These issues were identified, diagnosed and resolved on 21 April by 11:48am.


  1. Performance is extremely slow - e.g. up to 1 minute load time. This has now been resolved. Some users may have experienced some errors or outages while it was being resolved. Performance is still being investigated more broadly to improve speed, however the extreme issues should be improved.

  2. Searches are not bringing up known results -  this was effecting Conflict/Client/Services searches. The error has been diagnosed and has been resolved. If you are not seeing results for known clients/services please email the Helpdesk -

  3. Password reset loop - Some users have been getting persistent 'account reset' messages. A solution has been applied, so please log in to CLASS using your most recently created password. You may need to reset your password for a final time, but we have tested this with a number of known users and it has been resolved. 
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