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A significant CLASS update has just been successfully deployed over the weekend of 3-4 June 2017. 

More detailed documentation is still to be completed at time of writing for the more complex new features.

On this page

Reporting (Batch 1) and Accountability Modules

This is the first of two reporting deliverables. This stage includes the reporting required for funding program managers, i.e. NPA and other Commonwealth/State funded projects. It also includes the Accountability module for the submission of financial reports and annual service targets required per funding agreements. The CLASS Team, with funding managers, are in the process of confirming these report templates are operating as required. Accountability will be available to Centres via a permission change once ready. 

Batch 2 Reports includes access for Centre Users to all report templates, and the creation of templates for centre-only reports (previously available within the CLSIS application). It will also include the equivalent of the Data Query System reports. At the time of writing these reports will be available by the end of July. In the meantime, the Filter Builder on Search Services may be useful to generate reports or service lists required for practice management. 



Document Management System (DMS)


The much sought after Documentation Management System (DMS) has arrived. The CLASS Team is currently finalising testing and the permission structure, but we expect to roll out this feature to over the next week or so. To begin with, CLASS Admins Users will be able to attach documents to the Centre Profile for Storage, and also documents can be attached to Clients, Services and Projects. 

You can see this feature in the demo site. The 'Documents' tab will appear on the Client and Service screens. It is a simple browse and upload function. Most standard file types can be uploaded including pdf, doc, docx, csv, xls, jpeg and png. Once uploaded these documents can be stored and/or downloaded and printed etc.

Please note:
  The first month of the DMS should be treated as a Beta version, as it is still in test mode. We are eager to carefully monitor use and the amount of storage that CLASS users will require, as this is currently unknown. If DMS use is particularly popular, and is at the higher end of expectations, adjustments or limitations (such as tighter file size limitations) may need to be applied. Also, in the unlikely event the DMS in any way affects CLASS performance, we may need to find ways to restructure the feature. But so far, testing looks very positive. 



Customisation - Setting required fields, hidden & default options


This important bug fix allows CLASS Admins to better handle both standard fields or your Centre's own custom fields and options. Centres can now hide fields or options that are not relevant, set fields as required (mandatory), or select the default option. Hopefully this reduces data entry time as well as makes the data entry process more relevant to your centre.

It is important to note some logic errors may occur while setting fields as mandatory. For example, If you hide a mandatory field, you will not be able to save that page at all, as users will not be able to see the field that is required. We hope to improve such logic anomalies over time. 

These changes occur in three places:

    1. Customise button on Client/Service screens - to set standard and custom fields as required or hidden and to set default options on custom fields

    2. System Settings / Types and Categories - to set option as defaults for standard fields

    3. System Settings / Field Mapping - to manage fields that are triggered by mapping, i.e. fields that only appear if a certain Problem Type is selected such as the Welfare Rights additional options.

Documentation and videos will be coming soon to outline these steps. You may see buttons such as 'Set as Default' - Users are generally advised to wait for the documentation before experimenting.



Deleting Improvements


There have been considerable improvements to delete function. As always this access is only given to the Admin users to avoid the accidental deletion of records. 

Prior to this update there were several bugs preventing deleting clients, services, actions, workers and users. Developers say that most of these bugs have been remedied, with only outlier circumstances remaining. Users can now delete objects, providing all 'child objects' have been deleted first. For example, a Client can be deleted once all associated Services have been deleted. Services can be deleted once any attached Actions and Additional Parties have been deleted. Workers can be deleted, however it is advised they are 'de-activated' so no associated Services are effected.

The ability to merge clients is still being worked on, and is to be expected to be delivered by the end of July. In some circumstances, it is recommended Users wait for this function, rather than manually copying and deleting services/clients. Use the Keywords field on the Client/Service to consistently tag records 'to be merged'. 

Once it has been deleted, it is irretrievable.  Objects should only be deleted in the event of accidental or duplicated data entry. We suggest Users print records and/or save as a pdf before deleting if unsure. Documentation will be coming soon.



Search by custom fields in list view (e.g. search results)


Searching by custom fields has been partially resolved. Previously, it was not possible to search by values in custom fields at all. When creating a new custom field, Centres can select 'Show in List View. This will add the field to the Column Chooser, and allow Users to add it to their list view, eg Search Services. Results in this column will be displayed, however you cannot search by that custom field. 

A standard field must be searched first, before before trying to filter or narrow results by custom fields. For example, start by searching by Service Type then refine further with your custom field. Only a single custom field can be searched at a time. Also note, dates are a string search - this means they will not reformat if the date is not exact. Unfortunately, sorting results by a custom field is not possible.



Screen scrolling & zoom bug fixes


This update fixes a problem that appeared on screens in many different circumstances. For example, opening a Service and then readjusting the size of browser (Chrome) window often resulted in the bottom of the page dropping off, becoming un-viewable and the User unable to scroll down any further. This could be fixed often by adjusting the browser zoom settings. This was particularly an issue when 'Clear Sort' would drop off and Users were unable to generate search results, unaware an active search was still in place. This has also been mitigated with the Clear Sort change (point 8).

This error should now be fixed in most circumstances. If you continue to experience issues, please describe exactly how you are getting the error and contact the Helpdesk.



Various fixes to the Print function


There have been several improvements to the Print templates for Clients, Services and Actions.  Actions are also able to be exported to pdf in bulk, and then printed:

    • Select the Action/s required using the checkbox and click on the PDF icon in the toolbar.
    • This will produce a .zip file of the selected Actions. You can then print or save to the tablet, mobile device etc. 

We are still waiting for a 'print all' function to print the service and all actions at once.



Conflict Check/Intake Change


Only First Name, Last Name or Org/Other Name will be dragged from Intake Step 1 to Step 3 (conflict check). This is to widen the potential results, as dragging contact details like phone or suburb narrowed the results more than necessary. Read more detail here:



Clear Sort - Remembering searches


CLASS now 'forgets' your previous searches between logins and reopening search screens. This removes the need for Users to Clear Sort before every search.

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