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IMPORTANT: Change to Conflict Check in Intake (Step 3)

As part of the scheduled update over 3-4 June 2017, there has been a change to how Conflict Check works at Intake Step 3.

Using the Intake process, details inputted by Users at Step 1 were originally designed to automatically populate Step 3, which is where the (potential) client is conflict checked.

Conflict Check in CLASS, either during a new Intake or separate, is split into Search then Sort. That is, you first Search using the fields above the line, and then narrow your results (Sort) in the column search below.

Previously, any details input in Step 1 were dragged into the 'Search' fields at Step 3, so Users did not have to fill in these details again.

The Helpdesk received feedback from Centres that this caused the results to be too narrow. For example, results had to meet all of First Name, Last Name and Phone Number. As contact details are likely to change over time, this produced fewer to no results and the search needed to be modified. 

Consequently it was agreed that only 'First Name', 'Last Name' and 'Other/Org Name' will be dragged to Step 3 - as seen in the image below.

If Users want to Search using that more detail, they will now need to add those fields in manually.

This change was made because populating all those fields was not considered ideal for many Centres, as searches with all these fields filled in would regularly produce no results, unless all details were an EXACT match for an existing Client or Additional Party. 

Many Users did not realise it was then important to delete some of those fields and search again, to ensure all matches could be found, where say a phone number or address had changed. 

This was unfortunately causing too much confusion particularly for new Users and volunteers, and it was agreed that this approach created too much of a increased the risk of a conflict of interest being missed.

Here is the latest video - that walks through this change and some other conflict check clarifications.



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