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The Accountability module allows centres to submit reports to their funding program managers, or SPMs. These reports are different to service and client reports. Examples of Accountability reports are annual targets, 12 months funds report and progress reports. A full list of Accountability reports can be seen here. Please note that not all reports may be applicable to your centre. Contact your program manager or consult your funding agreement if unsure. 

Navigation to accountability reports has recently changed with an update to CLASS. This change makes the process more intuitive.


Users require specific permissions to view, edit and manage these reports. If you cannot see the sections outlined below, and you require access, contact your centre's CLASS administrator.

How to submit accountability reports

Step 1 - Navigation

From the CLASS home page, select Reports & Accountability, then Accountability

Step 2 - Select Report

The landing page displays the list of available reports set by your program manager for the financial year. Select the desired report by clicking on the blue, underlined Report ID. Once the report tab has opened, you will see two (2) or three (3) tabs:

  • Basic Data
  • Report
  • Documents
Step 3 - Notes & Comments

You can add comments or notes here, relating to the selected report. These comments are visible by your Program Manager.

Step 4 - Extensions

Program Managers set the due dates for each report and these are typically set out in your funding agreement. You can request an extension for a particular report via CLASS, however it is helpful to also discuss this with your program manager.

To request an extension:

  • Select Adjust Extension Date.
  • From the pop up, choose the desired extension date.
  • You can also leave a note to your Program Manager. Select Save and Close.

Extensions must be approved by program manager. Contact your program manager for confirmation.

You can view your extension history and approval status by selecting Show Adjustments.

Report Type

Reports will either require data entry into CLASS (e.g. budget and annual targets) OR uploading a document to CLASS (e.g. annual report)
Step 5a - Data Entry

For the purposes of instructions, we will use 12 Month Funds Report as an example.

  • Select the Report tab
  • First, you need to choose the Funding Category that the Funds report relates to
  • Typically, you must do one report per Funding Category - check your centre's requirements with your Program Manager
  • After you've selected the Funding Category, click Search - this will display the data entry fields, including previously saved data
  • Enter in the relevant values
  • You can also need to add Other Income and accompanying Documents

Negative Values

You cannot (currently) enter negative values, e.g. deficits. This has been raised with the developer and will be fixed as soon as possible.

Total Sums

Totals are calculated after the report is saved.
  • Once you have finished entering in the data, select Save. You can also export the list for your records.
Step 5b - Document Upload
  • From the Document tab, select New from the toolbar
  • You can drag a file from your computer into the pop up, or select Browse to locate and choose a file from your Server.
  • Once uploaded, you can add a file name and description.
  • Select Save & Close once you are done.

For more detail about how CLASS manages documents, click here.

Step 6 - Submit & Approval Status

Once you have entered in your report data, or uploaded the document, you need to submit your report for approval.

  • From the Basic Data tab, the Approval Status drop down indicates the current status of the report.
  • If you are not quite finished, and want to come back to the report before submitting, select Draft.
  • Once finalised, select Submitted.
  • Select Save & Close.

Once the Program Manager has approved or not approved the report, the status will be updated.

You can navigate back to a report to view, edit or export at any time.



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Step 1 - Navigation


Step 2 - Select Report

Step 4 - Extensions

Step 5a - Data Entry (Example)

Step 5b - Document Upload

Step 6 - Submit & Approval Status



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