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CLASS Admins, The Basics

This information is for centre nominated CLASS Admins. A CLASS Admin is responsible for maintaining user accounts and centre information. This manual is not for standard day-to-day use of CLASS. Please refer to the CLASS Users Handbook for user reference material.

CLSIS TO CLASS Migration Checklist

1. Check your current workers and users have been correctly migrated. Randomly choose some existing user and workers  in CLSIS and verifying them in CLASS.

Make sure that their details correspond correctly. See User Management page on how to Search for them in CLASS. 

2. Verify your client data by taking samples from random selections in CLSIS and checking against CLASS Clients. All clients in CLSIS should exist in CLASS.

Ensure that their details are consistent in CLASS and CLSIS. For instructions on how to search for clients see Searching Clients

3. Verify your services are correct by taking random selections in CLSIS and checking against CLASS Services. For instructions on how to search for clients see Search Services instructions. It is important to remember that they will have new Service IDs when they are migrated to CLASS therefore the first and last name is the best way to verify.

4. Check and verify your custom fields. All custom fields from CLASS have been migrated to CLASS they can be found on the Services and Clients page . The details from the custom fields will be under a section called Custom fields in CLASS. See Custom Fields

Get an Admin Account

As a CLASS Admin, you will need to be set up by the CLASS Helpesk team at The CLASS Helpdesk team can set up your admin access, enabling you to manage and create, modify and remove users accounts, edit centre details, post centre messages etc.

Get to know CLASS Admin Functions

For new CLASS Admins, there are two ways to learn how to use CLASS; see below. However, it is recommended that CLASS Admins attend Webex training first prior to using CLASS. 

CLASS Confluence Documentation and Videos



This is found on the Confluence site and contains information, videos and instructions on how to use CLASS Admin functions.

 CLASS WebEx Training 

WebEx is online training for CLASS. Registration is required. To register, please visit our WebEx site

Log in to CLASS

Finally you need to use CLASS and get use to the navigation, layout and functions. Log in here. Make sure that you have the permissions to perform your admin functions.

Practice makes perfect. Therefore the more you use CLASS the more proficient and better you will get. 

Additional training is available for those who require it. Contact Patricia Gora, CLASS Training and Support Officer, at