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Navigating to a Centre's Reports

Selecting a specific centre

Individual centre's accountability reports are accessible through

  1. Reports & Accountability

  2. Centre Accountability

  3. Click on the relevant centre

Selecting a specific report

When sorting through the various accountability reports some centres may have an overwhelming number.

  1. Select the Centre Reports tab

  2. Select the Report ID

It is recommended to narrow down the list of accountability reports by sorting by the relevant financial year, followed by the name of the report.

Approving a report

When reports are initially created they start in the default "Draft" status. Once centres are finished with the report they are able to submit the report, however this means they will not be able to edit the report unless the State Program Manager rejects the report.

When the reports has the status "Submitted", SPM's can choose whether to change the status to either "Approved" or "Not Approved" to give the centres another attempt at submitted a corrected report.

  1. Select Approval Status

  2. Choose the appropriate status

  3. Select Save to save the new status.


Settings or approving an extension

Clicking on the Adjust Extension Date link opens a pop-up that will display whether a centre has requested an extension date. If they have, SPM's are able to approve the suggested date by ticking the Approved box and then Save & Close.

If the requested extension date is not appropriate or none is set, SPM's can choose their own extension date, and approve is themselves using the same process.



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