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What do you need?

You will need a reasonably modern and stable computer.

Check that your computer's anti-virus and malware protection is up to date.

You will need a stable and reasonably fast Internet connection. 25mbs is considered reasonably good. To test your internet speed you are able to simply google 'Internet Speed Test'.

CLASS has been developed to work with Google Chrome and it is the recommended browser for CLASS. Functionality, stability and performance on other browsers such as Firefox, Safari or Edge cannot be guaranteed. Older versions of Internet Explorer are especially not recommended.

1.CLASS Worker and User Accounts


A Worker Account and a User Account will be set up by your Centre's CLASS Admin. A Worker account must be set up first, then a User account will be created from within your Worker Account. Each Worker/User must have an individual account. Sharing accounts or passwords will result in reduced usability and will also likely be in breach of security and privacy standards. 

Your Centre CLASS Admin(s) is the first contact at your centre for user account issues. Urgent assistance can be requested from the CLASS Helpdesk. 

For more information on CLASS user accounts go to Your CLASS User Account page.

2.Online Training 



WebEx is an online service that NACLC uses for video conferencing and providing training. All CLASS users should attend a CLASS Introduction training session, however some may choose to watch a pre-recorded session instead. Some users may wish to also attend more detailed sessions on specific topics when they become available. Registration is required to attend one of these sessions. To view the schedule and register, go to the NACLC WebEx events page.

Additional training, may be made available in the future. To make a request, contact the CLASS team.

3.CLASS Resources via Confluence and JIRA


Confluence is the website where you are most probably reading this right now.  It is the platform for CLASS documentation, videos, forums, and your gateway to the CLASS Helpdesk. 

JIRA is the software the CLASS Helpdesk team are using to manage your help requests, and for related CLASS project tracking and application development. It is integrated with Confluence, so you easily go between lodging a help request and viewing the documentation.

You only need one account to access to both Confluence and JIRA. 


To access both sites you need to create an account by visiting You can choose your own username and password. Please do not share these. Once you have an account you will be able to access CLASS Confluence at and you will have access to features like making comments to pages and use of the forum.

The system is designed for users to help themselves, and each other, as much as possible. For example, you may have discovered an efficient workflow through the use of a CLASS feature. You could share that workflow in the comments of the related page in the User Handbook.

Request Helpdesk support at the JIRA Helpdesk. For more information about getting assistance see the Help and Support page.

4.User Handbook 

The most comprehensive guide for understanding all things CLASS is the User Manual. Centre Admins should read both the User Manual and System Settings.