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The table below outlines what (centre) CLASS Admins are able to carry out in CLASS, and what may require Helpdesk assistance.



Centre Administrators


Account management
  • Reset password when users forget or when accounts get deactivated
  • Creating user/worker accounts, terminating user/worker accounts.
  • Termination of Accounts will be managed by centre administrators.
  • Password Reset loops or issue Administrators cannot perform.
  • Complex accounts where password reset is in a loop and keeps taking user in circles or not allowing user to log in despite Administrators attempts to resolve.
Centre Permission Management
  • This includes upgrading users to Administrator permissions.
  • Upgrading of permissions above Administrator permission. Administrators can only assign user with permissions below and at their level.
  • Permissions above Administrators can only be assigned by Helpdesk and will require an Administrators request.  

Remote Access Requests (VPN)

  • Receives and sends CLASS Helpdesk Remote Access requests. A form attached can be used to fill in Remote access requests.
  • Creates and manages remote access accounts.
  • Local (centre-level) customisation eg setting defaults and mandatory fields (expected by June 2017).
  • Adding new local options (Level 3 Codes) and new fields.
  • Assistance for local customisation.
  • Facilitating consistent customisation between centres/specialist networks.
Speed and Connection Issues
  • It is always advisable to ask the user to log in and out. If the issue persists then escalate to the Helpdesk.
  • Server down, speed, connection issues.
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