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 Project is the broader theme and Service is the activity/event/publication/meeting etc and there can be multiple services per project.










Creating a Project Service 

Step 1

1.Click on New to create a service within a Project. 



Step 2

2.Fill in the details for the Service indicated below.


Step 3

Select a Project Service Type for more details on the Project Service Types go to the Services for Community Page. 

Step 4

4.Click on Save to create the service for the project.

Step 5

5.The Project Service will be assigned with a Project Service ID.


Adding an Action (Project Services)

1.New tabs on the Project service allow additional detail to be added to a Project Service.

Click on Actions to add Actions as indicated below . 



2. Under the Actions tab fill in the Action details , select Action Type.


3.Fill all relevant sections of the Action form as required.



4.Click on Save to create.



5.The activity will be created as indicated below , a Project Service can have multiple actions.



Critical Dates (Project Services)

Critical dates for 

Documents(Project Services)


Project Service Audit (Project Services)






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