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Deleting in CLASS 

The Topics covered in this Chapter are ; 

Important Information Regarding Deleting Records in CLASS

  1. Deleting in CLASS is permanent there is currently no trash can therefore it is important to be certain before deleting any records .
  2. The ability to delete will be permission based , please contact your Centre Administrator for permission review if you do not have this function.
  3. Helpdesk do not have access to the Centre's data therefore can not make any changes including deleting records in CLASS on behalf of a person.




Deleting Clients in Conflict Check

Some centres have identified duplicate clients in CLASS created as a result of an existing client being created again via the triage process. Currently, triage services can be added to new clients only. The developers are working on resolving this bug.

These duplicates do not show up in Search Clients/Services, but they can show up in conflict search results. The CLASS Team are working on a process for de-duping clients, and deleting these ‘pretend’ clients.

We recognise the inconvenience of repeat client records appearing in search results. Until these fixes are rolled out, we recommend this temporary solution:

      • Users can add "delete" before the person’s first name. This will allow users to easily distinguish true clients and disregard duplicate search results during a conflict search. 
      • You can then easily search for ‘Delete’ by first name once the delete mechanism has been delivered.



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