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Browser - Addon

 You may need to install an add-on to your browser to use webex. Please make sure you have permission to do so for your device.

Attendees Important Information 

  1. On the day of your online session please log in 15 minutes before the training session to ensure that there are no delays. 
    For assistance please contact the Helpdesk on 1300 484 498.
  2. Attendees will require a laptop/PC with internet connectivity. 
  3. Ensure you have installed a web-browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer etc 
  4. A significant portion of the training will be audio based. You will require your preference of a headset, headphones, telephone or audio speakers to listen.



Registering for Training 

Visit the Webex site here.

Step 1: Selecting your session

Select the session you choose from the list.

Click the Register button.

Step 2: Registration

Fill in your registration details.

Step 3: Email confirmation

Once your registration has been completed you will get a confirmation similar to the one to the right.

On the day of the training session you will receive a reminder email which will look exactly the same.

The second email will contain the links and details you need to join the session.

Step 4: Connecting to Webex

On the day of the training you will receive an email with links to access the training. 

No matter how you plan on participating in the session, you will need to follow the first link to access the visual component of the training. However for the audio you have two separate options:

    Use the same link you are using to connect to the training identified by 'To join the online event'
    Use the second section identified by 'To join the audio conference only'. You will require the phone number that is provided, and if an Access Code is required, it will be found here.

If the session requires a password you can find it in the registration confirmation email.

Step 5: Has is started?

Once you have clicked on the link in the email you will be taken to a page in your web browser. If the 'Join Event Now' section has all of the fields in grey and can't be editted it means that the trainer has not started the session. You have to wait until the session starts and refresh the page to access.

Once the session has started you should see a page similar to the image on the right.

You will need to select whether you will be using audio from the computer or from a phone.

If you are using a phone the Toll Free Number is indicated on the session information, as well as the Access CodeAttendee ID and Event Number.

Participants shows a list of other attendees in the training session.

Chat and Q&A are your way of communicating with the training host. This will access a dialog box for you to send a message to the trainer. These messages are private, no other attendees can see them.

Step 6: Test your equipment

If you are accessing the audio through a computer you are able to test the sound via the in-built test function. It is recommended that you test all of these as soon as possible, in case there are technical issues that might go unnoticed.

Step 7: The presentation

Once the trainer has begun the presentation you will be able to view their screen. It will display on the left panel of the Webex window so that you are able to access the other Webex functions without interfering with the presentation.

Step 8: Congratulations!

When the trainer has ended the session you will receive a notification. Clicking the 'OK' button will log you out of Webex.