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Below is a list of reports available in the Accountability module. Some or all may apply to your centre. If in doubt, consult your program manager and/or funding agreement(s).

ReportTypeApplicable to period
Annual TargetsData entryFinancial year
Annual BudgetData entryFinancial year, per funding source
Six Months Funds ReportData entryJuly-December, per funding source
Twelve Months Funds ReportData entryFinancial year, per funding source
CLSP PlanDocument uploadFinancial year
Progress Report 1 - Six MonthsDocument uploadJuly-December
Progress Report 2 - Twelve MonthsDocument uploadFinancial year
Annual ReportDocument uploadFinancial year (typically)

Audited Financial Statements

Document uploadFinancial year
Compliance CertificateDocument uploadFinancial year
Service Standard Audit MaterialDocument uploadFinancial year
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