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The recent CLASS update in April included some fixes to previously existing reports and accountabilty as well as the release of a whole batch of new reports.   

NB. The struck out PMT-xxx numbers are maintained here for CLASS staff to cross reference to the helpdesk system.  So that further details can be provided to more curious users on request



Fixes to previously existing reporting and accountability

Admin Portal

PMT-474 Accountability - Duplicate rows were appearing in Annual Targets have been removed.

Centre Portal

Fixes to Report - S05 Services by Funding Category - (previously CA5).


  • PMT-486 Report: Report S05 (previously CA5) - Number of Services by Funding Category
    Total only tallied when all funding categories are chosen. – NOW FIXED!
  • PMT -485 Services by funding category doesn't tally in total if users don't choose all options
  • PMT-491 S5 Services by Funding Category
    does not breakdown figures to Centre level Custom funding Categories – NOW FIXED
  • PMT-505 Grand total does not total if one or selection of funding selected in filters. Only works if ALL selected. – NOW FIXED
  • PMT-527 When user runs a CA5 report on number of services by funding category the result is much lower than what they have counted manually. NOW FIXED
  • PMT-528 The formula for calculation total clients has been resolved. Detailed information about this is available in the online guide page about this report.


PMT-534 Many reports have been renamed.  A comparison table of old names versus new is available in the online guide. CLASS Report codes and CLSIS Report name mapping

PMT-535 Column headers re-appearing mid page on some reports – NOW FIXED!.

PMT-547 There is inconsistency between what the reports are called at different stages of running a report. There is immediate inconsistency shown between "Display Name" which shows the correct updated names, and "Report Type" which has the old names. This is on the "Reports" tab. NOW FIXED


PMT-568 S11 (Previously C11) reports, centres are noting that the total number of referrals is higher than it should be. The miscalculation stems from a formula error related to both Referral To fields If a user chooses either of the following options:Not Applicable – No Referral, No Referral. They were incorrectly being included in totals.. NOW FIXED!.


PMT-572 Consolidated Tab in Accountability is inaccurate, the accurate totals are multiplied by seemingly random numbers. NOW FIXED

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