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 What are the National Legal Assistance Data Standards?

The Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department published a National Legal Assistance Data Standards Manual.

The Manual has the aim of introducing common client and service data recording across all four legal assistance services. It was developed in consultation over some years, with representatives of each of the respective legal assistance services.

The Manual contains, among other things, a new system of classification of ‘Services’ and new definitions of each Service type. Under the National Partnership Agreement on Legal Assistance Services (NPA), governments must report to the Commonwealth on benchmarks and KPIs that refer to Services as defined in the Manual.

Class and the Data Standards Manual

CLASS is based on the new data standards, and uses its terms and definitions for recording client and service data. This will support and facilitate CLCs and FVPLS in their reporting to government, and state or territory program managers in accessing reports for provision to the Commonwealth in accordance with their obligations under the NPA.

More information about CLASS and the NLADS manual.