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NPA reports provide data on the NPA performance benchmark. 

NPA reports can be identified by the N at the start of the report name. This is followed by a number then the the text title. eg N01. NPA Performance Benchmark

Detailed information on the NPA and NPA reports in CLASS

NPA Performance Benchmark

How to run the NPA Performance Benchmark

N01. NPA Performance Benchmark

N02. NPA - Services to Priority Clients

N03.1 NPA - Services by Law Type

N03.2 NPA - Projects by Law Type

N04.1 NPA - Family Violence Indicator (Detail)

N04.2 NPA - Family Violence Indicator (Condensed)

N05 - Services to Priority Clients (custom)

N12 - Number of Problem Types by Law Type

N11 Number of Problem Types by Law Type

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