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What is Intake?

Intake is a 5 step process for entering a client and associated Service in one workflow. Intake is the ONLY place you can create Information activities. From Intake, you can take initial notes and details about a person, then choose to either:


  1. What is Intake?
  2. Information and Referral
  3. 2.Collect Basic Intake Details
  4. 2.Additional Parties Conflict Check
  5. 3.Client Conflict Check
  6. 4.Client Details
  7. 5.Service Details


  • Create an Information or Referral

  • Hold the data collected for a later decision or appointment via Triage

  • Create a Client and Service, including conflict check

Step 1: Collect Basic Intake Details

Take the potential client's name, phone number, date of birth 

Step 2: Add Additional Party(s) and Conflict Check 

To capture any additional parties these are persons that are a part of a service, these can be Related or Other Parties. These parties must be conflict check before the person is created as a Client. 

Step 3: Client Conflict Check 

This step is to Conflict Check the Client and the Additional Parties before proceeding to capturing more details requires for the Service. 

Step 4: Create Client 

This step is where the Client's details are captured and a record of the client is created in CLASS.

Step 5: Add a Service 

Enter Service details into the fields depending on the type of service the Client is receiving. 

Intake Demo Video