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What is Intake?

Intake is a 5 step process for entering a client and associated Service in one workflow. 


Intake is the ONLY place you can create Information activities. From Intake, you can take initial notes and details about a person, then choose to either:

  • Create an Information or Referral

  • Hold the data collected for a later decision or appointment via Triage

  • Create a Client and Service, including conflict check


  1. What is Intake?
  2. Information and Referral
  3. 2.Collect Basic Intake Details
  4. 2.Additional Parties Conflict Check
  5. 3.Client Conflict Check
  6. 4.Client Details
  7. 5.Service Details

Step 1: Collect Basic Intake Details


Take the potential client's name, phone number, date of birth 

Step 2: Add Additional Party(s) and Conflict Check 

To capture any additional parties these are persons that are a part of a service, these can be Related or Other Parties. These parties must be conflict check before the person is created as a Client. 

Step 3: Client Conflict Check 

This step is to Conflict Check the Client and the Additional Parties before proceeding to capturing more details requires for the Service. 

Step 4: Create Client 

This step is where the Client's details are captured and a record of the client is created in CLASS.

Step 5: Add a Service 

Enter Service details into the fields depending on the type of service the Client is receiving.