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The following is a list of the reports that will be included in the second release of reports. CLASS will provide the equivalent functionality of these CLSIS reports, however where possible the reports will be improved or updated to be consistent with CLASS and the data standards. The second release of reports may also include reports in addition to this list. These reports are available to both centres and program managers unless otherwise specified.

There are as per Schedule One of the CLASS User Agreement. 

Data Query System (centres only)

Custom reports on most data in CLASS. For example, a list or count of clients that meet xyz characteristics.

Activity reports

(i)             CA1 Average Number of Activities Per Client

(ii)            CA1.1 Activity Summary Report

(iii)           CA10.1 Outputs and Funding Levels

(iv)           CA10.2 Outputs Advice and Funding Levels

(v)            CA10.3 Casework, Non-Casework and Funding Levels

(viii)          CA14 Activities with a Public Interest Dimension – All Problem types

(ix)           CA16 Child Support Activities

(x)            CA2.1 Activities by Law Type – Information and Advice – by number

(xi)           CA2.2 Activities by Law Type – Casework – by number

(xii)          CA2.3 Activities by Law Type – CLE and LRLP Projects – by number

(xiii)         CA3 Activities by Worker Type

(xvi)         CA6.1 Referrals to Other Agencies for Activities

(xvii)       CA7 Three Year Trend Report for Activities

(xviii)      CA6.2 Referrals from Other Agencies for Activities

(xix)         CA8 Cases – Resolution by Law Type

(xx)          CA9 Cases – Duration by Percentage

Client reports

(ii)         CC2 Client Demographics by Percentage

(iii)        CC3 Custom Client Demographics by Number

(iv)        CC4 Quick Pick Client Demographics

(v)         CC5 Clients by Geographical Area

(vi)        CC6 Clients by Law Type

(vii)       CC7 Clients by Funding Category Specific Report

Management reports 

(viii)        CM1.1 Rpt Req Triennial Sum

(xi)           CM13 Data Submission Activity Summary

(xvi)         CM2 Reporting Requirement – Triennial Summary – Progress Aggregate

(xxxiii)     CM4.1 Annual Reporting Reqs – State Summary

(xxxiv)     CM4.3 Ann Rpt Exception Ext Dates

(xxxv)      CM5.1 Funds Reports – State Summary

(xxxvi)     CM5.2 Funds Rpt Reqs Exception

(xxxvii)    CM5.3 Funds Excptn Extn Dates

(xxxviii)   CM5.4 Financial Summary Report

(xxxix)     CM6.1 Progress Reports – State Summary

(xl)           CM6.2 Progress Reports – Exception Report

(xli)          CM6.3 Progress Reports – Exception Report – Extension Dates

(xlii)        CM7 Funding Ratio Report

Performance reports

(xlix) Pl1 Efficiency Indicator Report

(l)      Pl2 Effectiveness Indicator Report

(li)     P17 Centre Performance Summary Report

Receipting and Recording of Approvals

(i)          Receipt/approval of CLSP Plan

(ii)         Receipt/approval of Six Months Progress Report

(iii)        Receipt/approval of Twelve Months Progress Report

(iv)       Receipt/approval of Annual Report

(v)        Receipt/approval of Audited Financial Statements

(vi)       Receipt/approval of Service Standard Audit Material

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