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TROUBLESHOOTING: Accounts & Passwords

When activating a new account or performing a password reset for another user, make sure you are NOT logged into CLASS with your own login on the same browser (e.g switching between multiple tabs).

If you are logged into another account or multiple accounts while activating a new account, or performing a password reset, you may receive error messages.



Worker Accounts should be set up for all staff working in a centre. Centre staff and volunteers who intend to use CLASS will need both a Worker and User Account. For staff who do not work in the centre and only require to view records they will not need a Worker Account. To create a User Account Only click on this link.




A user account is required to log into CLASS, and a unique email address is required for user each account.

 Centre CLASS Administrators create user accounts, not the CLASS Helpdesk. 

Each User must be assigned a Role - View Roles here ..... for more details on roles and their permissions. 

CLASS AdminGeneral Staff Access and Volunteer Roles

These roles have permissions that reflect different responsibilities and access;

  • CLASS Admins: Manage users and accounts for their centre, centre profile and settings, centre message board, customisation and deleting records as well as data entry functions.
  • General Staff Access: Perform the daily business of the centre such as conflict checks, create new clients or projects and update existing details. Cannot delete records.
  • Volunteers: Data entry and viewing access, cannot delete or edit notes etc. This can be further restricted as needed.
    There are three primary roles available to centres. CLASS Admins, General Staff Access and Volunteers. These roles have permissions that allow or restrict performing certain actions in CLASS. CLASS Admins have the ability to create new user accounts and maintain centre details. General Staff Access perform the business as usual tasks in CLASS. Volunteers have more restrictive permissions to view or delete data in CLASS.



    Permission to Remove Field Mapping access

    Permission to Remove editing of Funding Categories

    Permission to Remove access to delete Audit logs

    Permission to Remove View Customisation

    Permission to Remove Form customisations

    No access to Employee/User management

    No access to role management

    No access to manage Types and Categories

    No access to Funding category customisations

    No access to delete Client and Additional Details

    No access to delete Services and Actions

    No access to delete Projects

    No access to delete Project Services


    The system is flexible and allows one or many roles to be assigned to a user. What this can mean is a role can be a group of specific permissions such as “User Management” or Position specific such as “Volunteer”.