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Centre Administrators Only

The System Settings Section is for centre-nominated CLASS Administrators. Administrator permissions are required for this role.

It is recommended that Centre Administrators have a strong understanding of basic CLASS functions as set out within the User Manual.

More information about the centre administrator role   

The System Settings menu is for Centre Administrators. Only Centre Administrators will have the permissions to access this section. If you require any of these settings changed and you do not have permissions, contact your Centre CLASS Administrator.

Through this menu, Centre Administrators can make changes to their Centre Profile, including centre message board and display picture; add, remove, and manage User Accounts, including any permissions they have; and editing the data fields that appear in CLASS.


You will find the following Admin menu options primarily in lower lefthand side of the CLASS window in the SYSTEM SETTINGS menu but also the TOOLS menu.


Summary of system settings


Sub Menu


Centre Profile

General Information

Update general information on your centre such as main address, contact details and a primary contact.


Centres can add addresses for separate officer or outreach locations as necessary.

Centre Reports

(Centres only)

Reports requested by a centres State Program Manager are found here. There is a variety of reports than can be requested. Centre Reports are separate to CLASS reports.



(SPM and NACLC only)

The Centre Configurations tab contains specific settings for that centre, such as whether the centre has access to document management or email functionality. The centre will need to request changes to these settings as this is strictly locked for State Program Managers or NACLC to edit.
Email ServersThis menu allows an admin to add one or multiple email servers. This is used for sending user credential emails and workflow reminders.


(Centres only)


Every staff member at a centre (regardless of whether they use CLASS) should have a worker account. This is where accounts can be created, updated and deleted. If a staff member needs to access CLASS, a worker account should be created before a user account.

User Accounts User accounts are exclusively for staff members who require access to the CLASS system. The admin has access to reset passwords, change user permissions, make users active or inactive, or lock user accounts.



Roles are preset collections of permissions designed to easily assign users basic sets of permissions. This tab is designed to customise those presets, or create new presets that better suit the individual needs of each centre.

Field Mapping

(Centres only)

 This section is where different fields can be customised to appear in different problem types. They can also be made mandatory, depending on each centres reporting requirements to various funding bodies. Fields are not created here.

Types & Categories


List of fields that are used in the CLASS application. By clicking on any of the field links it takes you to the list view. Here categories can be created, edited or deleted, including detailed customisation.


(SPM and NACLC only)

Security and Worker fields are located here.


(SPM and NACLC only)

Functions include creating new types, deleting existing types, editing the name/active/defaults become available.


(SPM and NACLC only)

Menu Customisation

Admin is able to change the names of the left hand menu items, change the icons and show or hide menu items for the Admin portal only.

Permission Configuration

The permissions list can be edited here. It is recommended that this is left for the Development teams to manage

Message Board

This is a Light HTML editor for the Message Board. This specifically controls the Top message board that is seen by all centres. It has functions such as allowing Hyperlinks or Pictures to be uploaded.

System Configuration

This section contains many security based options that affect both the centre and admin portal. This can include password complexity, security policy and audit settings.


Data Audit Log

This records the changes made by Admin users to all sections of CLASS.

Exception Log

The exception log records the errors that occur in the system for developers to analyse. This records both the admin and centre errors.

User Authentication LogThis records the log in attempts and status for both Centres and Admins.

User Session Log

This records the log in time and log out times of users in the system. This covers both admin and centre.