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NEW: From September 2018, Triage Services can now be added to existing Full-Clients. 

For centres that use the Triage function. From inside the Triage service, users first change the Service type to the desired Full-Service (see Conflict Check changes above for service definitions) then click ‘Conflict Check’ to search carefully for correct existing Full Client. Clicking ‘Existing’ Client button in Conflict check will add your newly transformed service to the existing client. Be careful not to click “New Client” in conflict check, or a duplicate client will be inadvertently created, which will need to be merged.


Triage is a mechanism to categorise clients or services that are yet to be actioned or determined. For example, it could be used as a waiting bay for clients who have not yet attended an appointment to ensure they are included in conflict check, but without creating their client record prematurely. 

It could also be used by intake officers, volunteers or front desk staff that take down client's initial details and a brief outline of their problem in preparation for a solicitor or caseworker to determine the course of action. 

Triage services can be assigned a priority level.




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