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Initial contact

Step 1 

Send an email to

When you do this, a ‘ticket’ will be created for the helpdesk.

Please try to:

  • Give the email a clear and descriptive subject line
  • Try to describe the issue or request as accurately as you can in the body of the email
  • Include screenshots: they are always helpful. Before attaching screenshots, please check that they are clear and not too small. Please search how to take screenshots on Mac/ Windows if you are not sure how to take screenshots

Shortly after you send your email to, you will receive two emails:

       1.An email letting you know that your email has been received, similar to the one below.

  • To view the ticket via Service Desk Account you need to have an account which you can create using Step 3.

    2.An email about how to activate your account. You should only receive this email if you do not already have an account with the email address you used to contact us.


Replying to and updating a ticket 

Step 2

The email letting you know that your email has been received will have the ticket number in the subject line, if you ever need to quote it.

If you need to add further information regarding your issue, or you are responding to CLASS team comments on your ticket, or you are following up for an update, please reply to this email.


Responding to helpdesk via email

When you reply to the helpdesk email, reply to this initial email or subsequent emails about this ticket. 


If you do this, your comments and screenshots will be added straight into the ticket for the CLASS team to see.

If you have a separate, unrelated issue, then please send a new email to

If you only have one issue, then emailing is fine, but if you want to manage multiple tickets, you should create an account.


Creating and using your account

Step 3

The other email you receive when you first contact the CLASS helpdesk lets you create a helpdesk account. Follow the instructions in the email. The username/ password etc is not connected to your CLASS login.

Once you have create an account you should be taken to, but if not please go to that URL and bookmark it.




After you log in with the username and password you created, go to ‘Requests n’ in the top right corner:


Helpdesk History of Tickets/ Requests 

Step 4 

Finally, you will see a list of your tickets. You can click on the reference or summary to go into the ticket and see all the comments and screenshots from you and the CLASS team.


What does Resolved Mean ? 

What does Resolved as Escalated to Level 2 mean?