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Centre Administrators Only

The System Settings Section is for centre-nominated CLASS Administrators. Administrator permissions are required for this role.

It is recommended that Centre Administrators have a strong understanding of basic CLASS functions as set out within the User Manual.

More information about the centre administrator role   




Worker Accounts should be set up for all staff working in a centre. Centre staff and volunteers who intend to use CLASS will need both a Worker and User Account. For staff who do not work in the centre and only require to view records they will not need a Worker Account. To create a User Account Only click on this link.

Worker Accounts

A Worker Account allows a user to have their name attached to a service or action in CLASS. Worker Accounts are different to User Accounts. The main differences between the two are below.

Worker Account: A worker account allows entries to be assigned to a worker profile. It links a service (advice, representation etc) with the worker/s providing the assistance. All services should have a worker (assignee) on record, who is responsible for the service.

User Account: Users are people performing data entry, and other activities in CLASS.  Contains a person’s log in details and role in the database. This is where permissions can be assigned using roles.

We recommend that worker and user account details contain legal first and last names as well as work email addresses where possible.

*Please note that entries that need a person assigned to or created by need both a user and worker account.

User Accounts

A user account is required to log into CLASS, and a unique email address is required for user each account.

Centres generally have three types of user accounts based on roles. These are: CLASS ADMINGENERAL STAFF ACCESS and VOLUNTEER.

These roles have permissions that reflect different responsibilities and access.




A user account is required to log into CLASS, and a unique email address is required for user each account.

 Centre CLASS Administrators create user accounts, not the CLASS Helpdesk. 

Each User must be assigned a Role - View Roles here ..... for more details on roles and their permissions.