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NOTE: If you cannot see the new Copy Services, Merge Clients or Bulk Information tool please ask your CLASS admin to check your user permissions. Permissions for these new tools may need to be added manually for centres using custom roles.

Users with CLASS Administrator permission can access a new tool ‘Client Merge’. This can be found in the CLASS menu Tools / Client Merge. Please be very careful before using this tool to ensure that you absolutely certain you have a duplicate.


Users will need the Client ID of both records, and decide which record stays the same, and which merges into the other. Different names or addresses Names, addresses, phone numbers and emails will be saved as non-primary additional details in final resultant single client. Any fields that are blank in the primary client that are not blank in the secondary client will be overwritten with the information stored with the secondary client. All services will be copied into the single client. A PDF of both original Client details (but not services details) will be copied into single client Documents. (Your Centre will need Document Management turned on to see these).


Note: It is only possible to merge Clients of the Same Type. (See the Conflict Check changes section above to understand new Client Types.) This means users cannot merge say Full-Clients with Non-Clients. The way to do this however, is to first edit that Client Type (e.g. change a Non-Client to a Full Client) from the Client Details front page, by editing the new ‘Client Category’ field, and saving the client.