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 Services for the Community have been created as part of the New Data Standards.


To get started You will need Click 'Community' in the Primary CLASS Menu


Service Definitions

These definitions come from the New Data Standards.

Community Legal Education (CLE) Resources 

CLE Resources involve the development or substantial amendment of publications and resources that provide:


A resource that has been translated or amended substantially to meet the needs of different client groups is regarded as a separate CLE Resource. A resource is substantially amended if more than 40% of the content has changed from the original version. A resource that is produced in significantly different formats, for example as a pamphlet and a DVD, is regarded as two CLE Resources.

Community Legal Education (CLE) Activities

CLE Activities are delivered to raise awareness and educate other service providers, community groups, organisations, schools, or the general community about the law and how to recognise, prevent and deal with legal problems.


Each time an activity is delivered, it is counted as one CLE Activity.  The development of a CLE Activity is counted as a CLE Resource. 

Community Education (CE)

Community Education (CE) aims to resolve non-legal associated issues, social welfare, learning outcomes and personal development of people involved in the legal process and experiencing disadvantage. The focus is on addressing related non-legal problems that directly impact upon a person’s ability to access or participate in the justice system, to prevent legal matters escalating. These programmes and sessions are often facilitated by non-lawyers such as client support officers.


Each time a CE activity (for example a workshop) is delivered, it is counted as one CE activity.
Note: CE delivered to an individual is counted as a Non-Legal Support Service (that is a Service for an Individual in CLASS)

Law and Legal Services Reform

Law and Legal Service Reform include activities undertaken to change the law and legal process, or to improve the provision of legal assistance services. These activities often seek to improve equitable access to, and the effectiveness of, the justice system for the benefit of particular disadvantaged groups within the community and the Australian community as a whole. 


Law and Legal Service Reform activities focus upon resolving systemic issues affecting the ability of people facing economic, social and other disadvantage to access or receive justice. While in some cases, this involves services delivered to a disadvantaged client, these services focus upon maximising benefits for the wider community or a vulnerable group within the community. 

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement activities may include the following activities:


Each relevant activity is counted as one Stakeholder Engagement Activity. For example, a Service Provider may prepare for and attend two successive state/territory jurisdictional forums. This would be counted as two Stakeholder Engagement activities. 

Service for Community - Projects and Services 

Projects are a container where multiple Services can be grouped together. 
Projects have their own set of fields such as budget information etc. 


Both these Searching functions operate in the same way as described in the Chapter Searching & Exporting

Viewing Project Service from Project 

For full instructions please view Creating a Project Instructions page.